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Liberation Ecology picks up the quest I began forty years ago when I wrote Diet for a Small Planet. It was then I first realized that the ideas humans hold—our core assumptions about how the world works—can be more powerful than instinct. They can trap us in powerlessness or free us to create the world we really want.

Over the years, I've learned that my own ideas are best developed in conversation, so I am doing something new. In the fall of '09, we at Small Planet are printing a limited number of copies of Liberation Ecology to directly ask readers to offer feedback:

With what do you disagree?
What is incorrect?
What is missing?
What additions would make it stronger?

Watch for a blog site to launch in October to submit comments and dialog with other readers. I will absorb all your advice and re-write the book during the summer of 2010. I'll then release it for national bookstore sales and a full media tour. Please help me make this a true literary collaboration.

Here's what a few initial reviewers of the draft say about Liberation Ecology:

"This book is brilliant...captivating, and powerful. It has already begun
to change some of the ways I think about important issues."

- Eric Zamost, business consultant, California

"...a real watershed. Not just in our thinking about certain things, like
Silent Spring back in the 60s or Diet for a Small Planet in the 70s, but
the beginning of a real paradigm shift in human civilization.
- Dave Forrest, internet entrepreneur, Spain

"I was so excited I couldn't fall asleep once I finished!"
- Jessica Lotak, Masters Candidate for Sustainable International Development, Brandeis University